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Historically, our average sale is $100.00.  All partners use the same pricing structure for remote pc repair services.  When we update our pricing or put a service on sale, your site is automatically updated with the new pricing.  Click the following link to review the current services and pricing you'll be offering your customers.

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There are two ways to make income with your Remote PC Repair business, direct sales and down line sales.  The key advantages of both these streams is true residual income.  Although some partners focus on only one stream, many others will find that a combination of their efforts in both streams is advantageous.


This stream of income comes directly from your own Remote PC Repair business.  Customers visit your website (that we create for you) and order services directly from your site.  When they have another problem in the future, they return to your website and order again.  You retain your customer today and in the future and receive income every time they order a service.  Historically, the average ticket is $100.00.

Direct Sales Commission: 20% of total ticket on every service ordered.

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